Jim White and White Wood Management

Photo of self tree planting at Bratton FlemingJim White commenced trading as White Wood Management (WWM) in 2009 following seven years employment with South West Forest, a rural development forestry project based in Northern Devon and North Cornwall.

Jim took the primary vision of SWF into his own enterprise WWM to demonstrate the scope for using local timber and assisting local land owners in the establishment, management and care of the woodland resource, promoting opportunities for biodiversity conservation and enhancement.

In conjunction with this he developed a brand “Westcountry Woodland Gardens“ (WWG), making and selling locally and sustainably grown timber products for gardens and wildlife.

Eager to formalise his woodland management expertise Jim commenced a Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) in Forestry and Forest Products with Bangor University in 2010; which, with business expanding in the ensuing years, Jim finally completed in 2014.

He says, “Given the expanding customer base, the diverse needs this places on the business I have been delighted to have had the opportunity to expand my knowledge and practice through the distance learning study with Bangor.” Jim adds, “Studying whilst developing a new business has been a challenge but it has most definitely been worth it, each aspect has supported the other.”

Now its fifth year of trading Jim’s business has built up a client group and reputation for reliability and integrity in sustainable woodland management, advice and utilisation.

In this time White Wood Management has engaged a number of people to work with Jim on a diverse range of projects including new native woodland planting, formative tree and high pruning, felling, milling, drying and grading timber construction, woodland mapping, risk and planning assessment along with bench and raised bed installation, bat, dormouse and bird box fabrication and supply to the Woodland Trust, English Heritage, ecology consultants, parish councils as well as private land owners.

Since September 2013 the business has employed a forestry apprentice half-time, in partnership with Wealden Heartwoods Ltd – this partnership has worked well. Following the graduation of our first apprentice in January 2015 we now have our second, Jack Ritson, who is learning the trade and supporting the work of both enterprises.

White Wood Management also engages the skills and talents of associates including Matt Parkins (Raven Quest) and Mark Snellgrove (Mobile Sawyer) on a regular basis in order to help meet the diverse range of services and products that WWM and WWG combined, provides.